Principal Message

susan andrews

Hello Kay’s Creek Families,

I am honored and excited about being the principal at Kay’s Creek. I understand how important your children are to you. As a mother of three children, I comprehend the value of every individual. Thank you for entrusting your children with us.

At Kay’s Creek our goal is for our students to feel safe and respected, both physically and emotionally. We know when our students feel this way, they can fully engage in the learning process. Our district has been working hard to put procedures and protocols in place to heighten security at our school.

High standards and expectations have been in place since the beginning of Kay’s Creek and they will continue. The teachers have worked hard in creating opportunities for collaboration, problem solving, and opportunities for students to apply classroom learning to real life situations.

Our teachers have also incorporated strategies and best practices to promote opportunities for students to own their learning. We will also continue to integrate technology and resources to enhance student learning. These are a few examples of how we are preparing our students for the 21st Century.

As we move forward we recognize the value of clear communication. The open dialogue between our staff, the students and their parents is an essential part of our success. We want all to pose questions, examine possibilities, and most importantly find solutions for relevant issues.

Once again, I am excited to be a part of this journey and to continue to create an environment where there is joy and happiness. We want a place where we can all learn from our mistakes and move forward to continue expanding our knowledge. We want students who are resilient and can demonstrate perseverance.

Sincerely, Susan Andrews, Principal