Principal Message

Head Shot Principal Bukey

Hello Kay’s Creek Families! 

I am so honored and excited to join the Kay’s Creek community as the new 2022-23 principal. I am joining one of the most professional, highly qualified, and dedicated groups of educators in Davis School District! Although I am new to Davis School District, I have served as a Utah elementary school principal for eight years. Prior to that, I was an instructional coach and an elementary school teacher. The past four years I have led a Utah Platinum Designated STEM school, and that, combined with endorsements in STEM, Math, and Educational Technology, have prepared me well for the innovative environment of Kay’s Creek. With over 20 years of experience as an educator, and as a parent of 6 children and grandparent of 15 incredible children, I understand the importance of making sure we get it right for your children! They are precious. They are our future, and their success matters! At Kay's Creek, we are committed to ensuring our students feel safe, loved, respected, and supported in their academic and social-emotional learning. We know when our students feel this, they can truly fully engage in all the opportunities that are offered to them! Thank you for entrusting your children with us and with me. 

Ambitious standards and expectations for learning and social behavior have been in place since the beginning of Kay’s Creek, and that will continue. Our teachers create opportunities for collaboration, problem solving, and for students to apply classroom learning to real life situations as they learn to own their learning and choices. As a Microsoft Showcase School, we engage with Microsoft and like-minded school leaders around the world to deepen and expand education transformation using the Education Transformation Framework . This student-centered approach helps prepare our students for the 21st century world and careers ahead of them.  

This year we have adopted the theme of “Coyotes Rising Higher.” We are expecting much from ourselves and our students and have great learning opportunities in store for them! I invite you to join us in that effort, as we know it is the collective effort of parents, students, and school staff that will help these young scholars achieve their goals. 

I value clear communication between home and school and welcome parent input. The open dialogue between our staff, students and parents is an essential part of our success. We want all to pose questions, examine possibilities, and most importantly find solutions for relevant issues. I invite you to work closely with your child’s teacher and to reach out to me as needed. Bringing concerns and questions directly to the source of your student's education helps alleviate stress for you and your student! (

Once again, I am excited to be a part of your family’s journey and to continue to create an environment where there is so much excitement for learning. It is going to be a fantastic year! 


Janice Bukey, Principal