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First Day Packet


First Day Packet From Kay's Creek Elementary

Following are items to READ.  PRINT a copy, Sign and RETURN to your child's teacher.

Parent/Student Handbook 2018-2019 School Rules & Expectations  (ALL STUDENTS)

Every Student and his/her  parent or guardian must annually review the expectations for use contained in the Davis School District Technology Resources Acceptable use agreement (AUA) and acknowledge receipt of this information.  You may review and verify receipt of the AUA eith online, by following the directions on the above link, or by requesting a printed copy of the AUA from the school and returning the signature page to the school office

Technology Acceptable Use Agreement- Web Instructions  (all  parents- acknowledge receipt online or PRINT, SIGN and, RETURN signature page to your child's teacher.)

Technology Acceptable Use Agreement Hard Copy (Choose either web version or hard Copy)

Library Disclosure - (all students, READ, PRINT, SIGN and RETURN to your child's teacher)

Directory Withhold Release Request (Optional)


if you do not  want your student photographed, videotaped, or interviewed by the school, Davis School District, our outside entities, please fill out the form below and return it to your child's teacher.

Media Withhold Release Request English (optional)

Media Withhold Release Request Spanish ( optional)

Free and Reduced Lunch Application Requirements (action if applicable)

How to Apply for Free or Reduced Lunch

Volunteer agreement  All Volunteers - PRINT, FILL OUT, SIGN, and RETURN to the office.)


The following are items for you to read and become familiar with. Click on the item to pull up the printable form.

District Calendar 2018-2019

School Fees Policy

Meal Prices

Davis School District Bus Stop Locations

Davis School District Breakfast and Lunch Information

Illness Protocol - Davis School District

Should I Send My Child to School?
These guidelines may be used in determining if your child should be kept home from school.

Federal Information

Nondiscrimination and Notice of Policies

Nondiscrimination and Notice of Policies (In Spanish)