Welcome to Kay's Creek Elementary!

Please print the following forms and complete the required information.
Please bring completed forms to our school office.

Student Demographic Form - Print, complete and sign. 

Guardianship Status Form - Print, complete and sign.

Proof of Residency - Students must enroll in the school within the boundary where they reside. Please refer to the Proof of Residency form for accepted documentation.

Homeless Assistance Act Questionnaire - (McKinney-Vento Eligibility) Answer the two questions on the form.

Record of Special Services and Health Information - Services your child may be receiving or has received.

Registration Health Information - Information regarding Davis School District Health Information.

To complete the enrollment process we will also need:
Original Birth Certificate (office will make a copy)
Original Immunization Records

(Immunization Requirements)
Guardian photo ID
Two proofs of residency

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our office at 801.402.0050.