PALS/Spectrum Info

The Primary Advanced Learners (PAL) Program is designed for identified high-ability students in 1st through 3rd grades.  In 1st & 2nd grades, our program is designed to have the teacher loop with their class so the students have the same teacher for two years.  PALclasses are available at Bountiful, Kaysville and Mountain View Elementary schools. 

The Elementary Full-Time Spectrum Gifted/Talented Program is designed for students who consistently are: above average in their academic ability, motivated to do more challenging work, uniformly high on classroom assignments and/or tests. This program provides accelerated and enriched curriculum designed to challenge these high ability learners. The Elementary Full-Time Spectrum Program is currently located at the following schools: Centerville Elem. (Centerville, Grade 3-6); Valley View Elem. (Bountiful, Grades 4-6); Burton Elem. (Kaysville, Grades 4-6); Mountain View Elem. (Layton, Grades 3-6); Lakeside Elem. (West Point, Grades 3-6).

All students in the district are eligible to apply for these programs. Administrators and teachers are given information in the fall and are asked to share it with parents at SEP conferences. Information is also mailed to the homes of those students who score in the top 10% of our District on End of Level tests. Testing occurs January through March (selected times and dates) and is facilitated at the Full-Time Spectrum schools. Based on this assessment, parents will be notified as to whether or not their child qualifies for the program and about available openings.

Applications can be found here: