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Dash Robotics & Lego Clubs

Come join us for our after school Dash robotics program. We will have fun learning beginning coding while developing problem solving skills and making new friends. We will learn how to make a program on an iPad to enable our robots to accomplish tasks such as moving through a maze, moving around objects, drawing pictures, and acting in our very own stories! This 8-week club will be a great opportunity to increase our technology and STEM literacy skills that Kay’s Creek prides itself in! We can’t wait to see you there!



Running Club

Running Club Info & Dates

Payment can only be made online through myDSD.


Battle of the Books

Davis Book Battles 

Battle of the books is a voluntary reading program for students in grades 3-6th. The purpose is to encourage students to read a variety of books of different genres and to have fun competing with their peers.

Students are required to read at least 5 books from a list of 20 books.  Students are encouraged to read as many from the list that they can. The more they read the more they will know when it comes time for battle. Students who read all 20 books will have their picture put on our Wall Of Fame. 

Each student will be put on a team of 4-5 students.  Each team will compete with other teams in their grade level during school battles.  There will be a winning team from each grade level that will move on to the district battle.

Starting in October, there will be  Battle Meetings right after school from 1:30 -2:00 pm on the first Friday of the month These meetings are not mandatory but give students a chance to practice battle questions, write in their booklets, collect pins, play games and have fun.  

School Battles will be held towards the end of the year. The date and location are still being determined.

3rd/4th Grade Book List

5th/6th Grade Book List


Extra Battle Booklet Pages

A-OK Club

The A-Ok Club was founded two years ago by 3 fifth grade students. They saw a need to spread of acts of kindness and build school unity. It has grown from there to include grades 3-6, who meet twice a month to spread acts of kindness throughout the school. Each year the members come up with a theme and design a T-shirt for the club. The dates will be on the school calendar. We meet on Mondays from 3:30-4:15. The cost of membership is $22 for the first session. The first session includes the cost of a T-shirt, snacks & materials for projects. The second session will only be $10 for the cost of snacks & project materials. Please fill out the information below. We need YOU!! Click HERE to sign up.





Payment can only be made through myDSD.